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Chapter 612 Prediction

Yountoryuu January 24, 2011 User blog:Yountoryuu

Title: Wet-Haired Caribou

P. 1

Sanji: Oi Chopper, can I stand up already?

Chopper: No Sanji! If you see them again you’ll die!

Sanji: Who are them?

Chopper: -I can’t tell him! Even his fantasies-

Sanji stands up and puts on a shirt.

Chopper: Wait Sanji!

Sanji: Hmm?

Sanji walks from behind the bar and sees all beautiful mermaids.

Chopper: Sanji? Are you okay?

Sanji: M…Mer…Maids?

Chopper: You resisted them! Okama blood doesn’t bleed when you see mermaids! Great!

Sanji: Okama? –Angry funny face-

P. 2

Neptune: You are Monkey D. Luffy, correct?

Luffy: Yup. And you’re a hairy old man.

Keimi/Pappug/Nami/Usopp: LUFFY!

Neptune: Hohohoho, what a straight-forward kid! I like that. Strawhat Luffy, I need your assistance.

Luffy: What can I help with, old guy?

Keimi/Pappug/Nami/Usopp: LUFFY!

Luffy: What?

Neptune: My daughter will explain. Princess!

Fukaboshi : Strawhat Luffy.

Usopp: WHAAAAT!!

P. 3

The Mermaid Princess introduced: A seahorse-mermaid.

Usopp: She’s beauti- -turns to stone-

Nami: Wow!

Mermaid Princess: Monkey D. Luffy, it’s an honor to meet you.

Luffy bites his lip and bends his head.

Luffy: Nice to meet ya’!

Mermaid Princess: I need your help! There’s a man, a pirate captain on an old pirate ship. His name his Van Der Dekken, he is a threat to me and the whole city.

Keimi: Usopp?

Luffy: And you want me to…?

Mermaid Princess: Defeat him.

P. 4

Nami: That will cost you money.

Keimi/Pappug/Usopp: NAMI!

Keimi: You back, Usopp?

Mermaid Princess: We thought of that, is 500,000,000 enough?

Nami: YES! YEAH! You’re amazing!

Nami hugs the Mermaid Princess.

Keimi/Pappug/Usopp: NAMI!

Luffy: We can do it for fr-

Nami hit Luffy

Luffy: Bvor Bivehundredmiliom. –all beat up-

P. 5

Daruma: You’re back, captain!

Zeo: The Strawhat Pirates have entered the Royal Palace, captain.

Jones: Great, when they get out, we’ll take ‘em out! Zyahahahaha!

Dosun: Ikaros, you said you found Roronoa Zoro back in the alleys of Noah!

Zeo: What?!

Jones: Are you lying to me Zeo?!

Ikaros: Wait Hodi. He isn’t lying, that swordsman was all alone.

Daruma: All alone! Why didn’t you take him out?!

Dosun: Why didn’t you?

Ikaros: Shut it, hammerhead!

Jones: Shut up, all of you!

Zeo: That captain, that navigator and another unidentified somebody.

Dosun: How did it end with that crabhead?

Ikaros: Crabhand.

Dosun: What you got!

Jones: SHUT UP!

P. 6

Jones: Those cowards are surfacing as we speak.

Daruma: Two of them are at Mermaid Café, boss.

Jones: Then this is our lucky day. Set out you guys, I’ll wait here for Hammond’s report.

Ikaros: I won’t go, I need to speak with Hyozo.

Mermaids: AAARGH!

Caribou: Keep quiet! You’re my hostage!

Chopper: I smell mud.

Sanji: That weirdo again, who misbehaved towards Nami-swan!

Chopper: You do that all the time!

Sanji and Chopper run to the front of Mermaid Café.

Caribou/Sanji: That pervert!

Chopper: You both are perverts!

Sanji: What’re you doing to that lovely mermaid! Let loose!

P. 7

Caribou is kicked in the face.

Sanji: Are you alright? Stand back, I’ll take care of him.

Caribou: How did you hit me?!

Sanji jumps in the air and frontflips with his heel on Caribou’s face.

Caribou: Aargh! I am a logia, I have the power of mud!

Sanji: I am a ladies man, I have the power of love!

Caribou: What?

Sanji hit Caribou on his nose, whom flies into the wall.

Chopper: He’s right, how can Sanji hit him?

Sanji runs towards the wall.

Caribou: Damn it, why is this happening!

Chopper: The gypsum! Sanji still has gypsum and bandages on his feet. That dries mud!

P. 8

Caribou: Muddy Sweep!

A mudstrain attacks Sanji.

Sanji: Damn it! I’m choking!

Caribou pulls Sanji towards him and chokes him.

Sanji kicks the mudstrain and breaks it. Caribou and Sanji both fall to the ground.

Chopper: Koketei Razorblade!

Caribou is stamped into the floor.

Caribou: God, please punish these evildoers.

Chopper: Sanji!

Chopper throws water over the mud and blows air towards him.

Sanji: Thank you Chopper, I couldn’t breath for a sec.

Chopper: Wait, he’s still moving.

Sanji: I guess so, I’ll handle this guy. I know what to expect.

Chopper: I’ll look after the mermaid.

P. 9

Sanji lands in the basement, Caribou is gone.

Sanji: Come out, wherever you are.

Caribou: Gotcha’!

Sanji: Santen Découpage!

Sanji kicks Caribou to the ceiling, as he bounces to the ground.

Caribou: This is blasphemy!

Sanji: You’re face is blasphemy! Deuxième Haché!

Caribou flies back up the ceiling lying knocked out on the floor.

Sanji lights a sigaret and walks upstairs.

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