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Chapter 599 Prediction

My prediction:

P. 1 Nami: So Usopp, how long have you been here? Usopp: Not too long, I've been dying to meet you all. Nami: You've really grown, what did you do on there! Usopp: I had to escape... What is that? Nami: Oh no! Sanji: NAAAMMMIII SWAAANNN!!

  • bloodnose tornado coming closer*

Sanji: Mellorine! Mellorine! Usopp: Watch out Nami!

  • Sanji grabs Nami*


P.2 Nami: You've grown too! Sanji: And so have you! *bloodnose , hearteyes* Usopp: Oi Nami, we have to go, to fakers are there! Usopp: Duval? Nami: *smacks Usopp* Sanji: That's clearly me! Usopp: Wait... He looks like your wanted poster! And the guy with the beer gut looks like Zoro! Sanji: Hahaha, Marimo has a beer gut! Wait, who looks like me?!

P.3 F Zoro: We have to find that real pet. F Sanji: First we need Nico Robin back! F Sogeking: What are you guys doing! Get your asses up here, boss is getting in a fight! Sanji: What are you doing there, Usopp? Usopp: Gehh! Sogeking again! Nami: *smacks both* Damn you guys! F Zoro: Do we leave the real pet?

P. 4 Chopper: Zoro really hasn't trained. He scares me.

  • Chopper runs away and hides behind someone*

Chopper: Finally, safety. Sanji: Marimo! Zoro: Curly Cook! Oi, Chopper.

  • Chopper jumps on him*

Nami: Chopper! Zoro! Usopp: Oi!

  • Chopper in comical tears*

Chopper: I've missed you guys so much! Zoro: Get off my face Chopper! Sanji: Oi swordsman, how've you been? Zoro: Just what I was asking you.

P.5 F Luffy: You bumped me down kid, you're gonna pay. I'm strawhat Luffy! F Franky: You kill him captain! F Nami: I'll shoot him boss!

  • Bullet comes.. and goes back, gun boomed*

Luffy: Come on than.

  • Uses Haki, all fakers faint except Luffy*

F Luffy: Why you! I'll kill you now! Luffy: Gomu Gomu no... Bazooka!

  • Hits Faker*

Luffy: You are no match to me.

P. 6

  • All Strawhats except Robin , Franky and Brook come to Luffy.*

Luffy: YOU GUYS! *hugs Nami* Sanji: Captain.

  • Chopper jumps on Luffy*

Zoro: How you've been? Sanji: Luffy, we should head to Shakky.

P. 7: Franky: What do you mean? Rayleigh: The coating fades in eigth days, you should head down soon, else you won't make it to the other side of the Red Line. Franky: We will make it, I've sped up Sunny Go. I've upgraded tons of things on it! Rayleigh: I bet you do.

P. 8:

Robin: Where are the others? Shakky: They are all outside. Everyone is on the island now, except your captain.

  • Knocks on the door*

Shakky: Enter. Sanji: RROOOOBBBIIIIINN CCHHWWAAAAAN!!! Robin: Sanji, hi! Sanji: I've returned from Hell, my love! Nami: Robin! Robin: Nami!! Usopp: Oi! Chopper: Robin!! Luffy: Robin!

P. 9 [Coast of the Sabaody Archipelago] Momonga: We have arived. Doberman: We will take down the Strawhat Pirates. Kizaru: I will personally see them to their execution, that Strawhat Luffy.

[Grove 21] Rayleigh: Franky, we should head back to Shakky, everyone is on the island already. They will gather very soon, if not already done. Franky: Wait just one second...

P. 10

F Luffy: You guys, we should head back. That face, it was the real Strawhat. And those two in the bar. One of them was the real Nami! F Franky: Captain, they can't be! F Zoro: They are all dead! Momonga: There is Strawhat Crew. Kizaru: I will personally execute Monkey D. Luffy.

P. 11

  • Sabaody in fire, explosions*

Zoro: Kizaru! Nami: Luffy, we should stay here. Robin: Kizaru can't find us here.

Rayleigh: Was that you? Franky: I've taken over the Pacifista upgrades. I've matured, grown up. I am battle Franky 37!

Kizaru: Kuma on the island?

P. 12 F Luffy: They've found us! We're dead! F Nami: Captain, we should hide in a bar! F Sogeking: We can't battle no Strawhats! F Zoro: They know where we are, that explosion was way close! F Sanji: We must hide captain.

  • Chopper and Sanji run towards the concerthall*

Brook: Thank you! I am the Soul King!

  • fans go crazy as f*ck*

Brook goes backstage.

P. 13: Rayleigh: Shakky, we're back. Usopp: Franky! Franky: Usopp! It's SUUPPEERRR long that I've seen you guys. Nami: Franky, your huge! Robin: You're like Bartholomew Kuma!

  • Franky steps out of shade*


P. 14

Sanji: You! Wow, you're famous! Chopper: You are... Brook: You guys! I've missed you, so much I wanted to cry. Even though I dont have eyes. Sanji: Brook, we must hurry. Chopper: There are marines incoming.

  • The three run to the coast*

P. 15 Luffy: Zoro, cover me! Zoro: Sure. Luffy: Gear Second!

  • Zoro cuts down Marines*

Zoro: Santoryu Shi Shi Son Son ! Luffy: Gomu Gomu no... Jet Gatling!

  • Marines fall down to the ground or get thrown in the water.

Momonga: You didn't touch me , Strawhat.

  • Almost cuts Luffy's throat*

Zoro: Luffy!

  • Zoro stabs the sword away*

Luffy: Gomu Gomu no... Jet Muchi!

  • Momonga flies into the ground*

Zoro: Fourty seconds!

P. 16 Rayleigh: I'll take off from here, about 33 seconds. Franky: Thanks Rayleigh!

  • Brook and Chopper jump onboard*

Sanji: I'll get to the other ones! Nami: Hurry Sanji! 26 seconds! Franky: We'll make it. Go Sunny!

P. 17

  • Kizaru attacks Zoro*

Kizaru: We meet again, Roronoa. This time I'll make sure you won't leave alive! Luffy: Leave it to me Zoro!

  • Zoro gets attacked by Momonga*

Doberman: Strawhat, your my enemy!

  • Doberman gets kicked in a Archipelago.

Sanji: No he's not.

P. 18: Luffy: Sanji, how long? Sanji: 9 Seconds!

  • Zoro breaks Momonga's sword*

Luffy: Gomu Gomu no... Jet... Twin Pistol!

  • Kizaru gets hit, falls to the ground of suprise.

Zoro: Hold it, Kizaru.

  • Zoro is about to stad Kizaru*

Sanji: 2 Seconds!

  • Kizaru tries to evade but is stopped by Sanji*

P. 19: Luffy: Let's go!

  • Momonga tries to cut Luffy*

Sanji: Marimo, hurry.

  • Zoro takes Momonga slash , Sanji kicks Kizaru away*

Luffy: Jump!

  • Sanji, Zoro and Luffy jump into the ocean*

Usopp: Hissatsu Firebird Star!

  • Kizaru falls down to the ground*
  • Sanji and Zoro land on deck*

Brook: Zoro-san!

  • Luffy stands upon the crowsnest*

Luffy: Lets head to the New World!

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