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Back From the Mountains

Yountoryuu January 19, 2011 User blog:Yountoryuu

Hi guys! I'm back from my skiing trip since tuesday (A day delay because of snowfall), spent quality time with my girlfriend and am back for business! I logged in and guess what! BLS takes some time of to get to his homework! That's great and all, but now the prediction competition still hasn't started yet! For why I didn't make a chapter prediction as of yet, the chapter happened to come out before I was back so it waqs unneccesary. But I hope wednesday there will be the next chapter, so monday before I will get to it, though I guess my buddy BLS won't compete. Too bad, but not everything can be as you like. If you're willing to know, skiing was awesome. (: Also, the day I came back I had 10 euro and guess how many my latest One Piece volume cost? Yup, Volume 43 costs me 10 bucks!

I'll sign out for now but I'll blog you tomorrow!

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