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I noticed a trend on one Piece that a lot of people gets injured on the left side of their bodies.

Garp, Luffy, Dragon - Injured on the left side of their face.

Shanks- Lost his left arm and scars on the left side of his face. Zoro -lost his left eye, also when he had cut Kuma, that was also on the left side. Ivankov can only do the death wink out of left eye.

I'm sure that I miss a couple but if you guys noticed them, just let me know.

Its also in other manga and anime too. Jiraya from naruto before he died, lost his left arm and kakashi always wear that thing around his left eye. Sesshomouru from Inuyasha also lost his left arm. netero from Hunter X Hunter lost his left arm in battle before he died also. D Gray man, Allen Walker got the innocence on his left eye and arm. Hitman Reborn new villains also got markings on their left side of their face and boxes on their bodies.

I'm sure that they're other mangas or animes out there like that. I thought that it was only popular with One Piece until I saw others having the same thing. Is it a trend or something else. Ya'll let me know if I'm missing something!!!