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Well we all know that Kuma is a cyborg and he lost his free will.

Well I'm wondering, can Vegapunk make it so Kuma can float/swim?

It might be possible because seeing Franky, he can float/swim.

He could make his arm and legs mechanicle and water proof, so the ocean can't affect his abillity to move.

(or is it that in One Piece the ocean emits a kind of aura that hates devil fruit users)

Also if he can't float ingeneral he could have a floating device, like a bubble , since devil fruit users can still be in the water and on a floating object. (Mr. 3 on that super floaty wood thing)

And I'm sure Vegapunk could make Kuma still keep his powers, paws, since he's a freaking genus on devil fruit.

Also we know kuma is kind of overpowered and he is even more overpowered if his main weakness is gone.

You think this is a deadly combo or I'm crazy wrong?

Bonus: What if he can fly??!!

My answer: He'll be almost unstopable and the Marines and the World Government would have the next weapon of mass destruction (Flying Pacifista with lazers and repeling