• Yeit

    Well we all know that Kuma is a cyborg and he lost his free will.

    Well I'm wondering, can Vegapunk make it so Kuma can float/swim?

    It might be possible because seeing Franky, he can float/swim.

    He could make his arm and legs mechanicle and water proof, so the ocean can't affect his abillity to move.

    (or is it that in One Piece the ocean emits a kind of aura that hates devil fruit users)

    Also if he can't float ingeneral he could have a floating device, like a bubble , since devil fruit users can still be in the water and on a floating object. (Mr. 3 on that super floaty wood thing)

    And I'm sure Vegapunk could make Kuma still keep his powers, paws, since he's a freaking genus on devil fruit.

    Also we know kuma is kind of overpowered and he is even m…

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  • Yeit

    Wait so we all know he's a fishman that can't swim. But he still a can he still breathe underwater? or not? Or is it because the devil fruit powers makes him weak in water, so he can't breathe? Either way he still should be able to breathe underwater cause he still is a fishman, all fishmen and mermen have gills, I correct?

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  • Yeit

    Gol D. Roger devil fruit???

    February 25, 2011 by Yeit

    I think Gol D. Roger might have ate the the Gomu Gomu fruit. It make sence knowing how strong Luffy is. And there must be a reason the Shank found the fruit in the first place and KNOWING what it was. And in a SBS Oda said the Luffy ate the SECOND known Gomu Gomu fruit.

    I don't know if I'm right or not but you guys give your synopsis on it if you want

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