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It's come to my attention, that a lot of people on this site don't know how to watch the latest subbed episodes of One Piece legally; even though it says so quite clearly under "Official Sites" on the main page. Now, it's none of my business if some of you are picky about who subs what, but for those of you who would just like to see the latest episode as quickly as possible you can do so here at, FUNimation's offcial One Piece site. Please note that this is also an easy way to support One Piece, allowing them to know that it's popular and loved by many people.

The episode is posted only an HOUR after its aired in Japan, subbed and all. Along with the latest ep, they post subbed and dubbed episodes of the (currently) Skypiea arc, to go along with thier DVD releases. You can watch every single episode from the very beginning to where they are in Skypiea, completely free.

Now, the latest episode is uploaded onto thier own servers and video player, but after a while (Wednesday) they switch over to Hulu, which I've heard doesn't play outside the U.S. :/ So, I say to you, watch the latest episode as quick as possible, otherwise you're out of luck.

  • Some Advice: When using thier video player watch it on Internet Explorer. Trust me, it runs much smoother than Firefox (my browser of choice).

One Piece is online every night at 10:00 pm EST on