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The time-skip is opening a whole can of worms, and one of things I'm most curious about is how everyone will look. More specifically, how the Straw Hats will look.

  • Brook: An outfit that's 50 years newer.
  • Franky: Skin. Uh... pants? Nah, it wouldn't be Franky if he wore pants.
  • Robin: This I'm pretty set on. I'd love to see Robin with short hair. I think she'd look ultra mature and sexy. Haha.
  • Chopper: I don't know! But I hope he doesn't change from his adorable self too much! D: He's fifteen right now though, and if it really is a two year time-skip, he'll be seventeen. It would make sense for him to look more mature, but he's so huggable, I can't imagine him any other way.
  • Sanji: A gotee! Haha, he has a little fuzz on his chin already, but maybe he'll grow it out a little more. Taller, probably. Really enhance those legs, even though they look pretty awesome already.
  • Usopp: Buffer? Not super buff, but you know... get some muscle on him. Maybe some cool new glasses/goggles.
  • Nami:The opposite of Robin, longer hair. She's always stylish, so not really thinking about clothing.
  • Zoro: I think Oda once mentioned that someone was getting an eye-patch once... or not. I don't actually remember. But if anyone on the crew gets one, I think it would suit Zoro the most. Also, he'll probably have more scars. Maybe one somewhere on his face. Maybe a little pony tail, like Ryuuma, but near the nape of his neck, instead of on top of his head?
  • Luffy: Slightly longer, shaggier hair. Slightly more angular face, similar to Ace's. Something not that vest. Hahaha. I'd like to see him wear... I dunno, nothing flashy, and something that still has the modest feeling of his vest, but different, you know? I'm not a fan of Naruto, but I think Kishimoto's older designs for Naruto were great. It was still reminiscent of his old outfit, only older.

So, what do you think everyone's new design will be? Doesn't have to be restricted to just the Straw Hats.