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Season 3

I'm loving the Funimation Season 3 DVD covers. They've actually got backgrounds/settings this time! It's kinda interesting that Voyage 3 is already showing Luffy vs. Enel, I didn't think they'd actually fought to that point yet. So then I started wondering exactly what episode Voyage 3 might get up to, and that led to me wondering how many Parts/Voyages this season is gonna get. (I know, I'm kind of a dork.) And after some doing some math I'm gonna guess five parts.


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Skypiea Saga has a total of 62 episodes. Those are Episodes 144-206.

  • Voyage 1 has episodes 144-156 (13 eps)
  • Voyage 2 has episodes 157-169 (13 eps)

These are my future guesses:

  • Voyage 3 has episodes 170-182 (13 eps) (So yea, actually! Luffy's first fight with Enel begins in Episode 182.)
  • Voyage 4 has episodes 183-195 (13 eps) (This is where Skypiea Arc ends.)
  • Voyage 5 has episodes 196-206 (11 eps)

I know Voyage 5 only has 11 episodes, but that's the entirety of the G8 Arc. Unless that is, they decide to move episode 195 (where they leave Skypiea) to Voyage 5 so that Voyage 4 and 5 will have twelve episodes each. I think that would be fine since 195 ends as a cliffhanger leading right into episode 196.

Mmm! Kinda exciting. Haha.

Season 4

Ok, so thanks to Kingluffy1 I wanted to take a shot as how many Voyages "Season 4" i.e. CP9 Saga will have.
CP9 Saga officially has a total of 118 episodes. Those are Episodes 207-325.

  • Voyage 1 207-219 (13 eps) (Davy Back Fight Arc)
  • Voyage 2 220-232 (13 eps) (Ends with Kaku telling the Straw Hats Merry can't be repaired. ;_;)
  • Voyage 3 233-245 (13 eps) (Begins with finding Usopp beat up to Robin leaving.)
  • Voyage 4 246-258 (13 eps)
  • Voyage 5 259-271 (13 eps)
  • Voyage 6 272-284 (13 eps) (Starts with Luffy activating Gear 2nd to Franky burning the Pluton blueprints.)
  • Voyage 7 285-298 (14 eps) (291 and 292 are Specials, so I don't know how that will be included. A seperate DVD? If they're excluded it'll be 12 eps.)
  • Voyage 8 299-312 (14 eps) (End of Enies Lobby Arc) (303 is a special, which might not be included so it may only be 13 eps.)
  • Voyage 9 313-325 (13 eps) (Post-Enies Lobby Arc)


Possibly, eventually we see a Special DVD compiling

+ the previous one hour specials... I don't think FUNimation released yet:

So in total that set would have 10 episodes. But! The running time is equal to 14 episodes.

There is also the Chopperman episode (Only 1 full ep so far) but they probably shouldn't be included (yet) since there's actually a pretty good chance we'll see more of them in the future. (Yea, I know, more filler.) Maybe they could make a whole new set for the Chopperman Specials. I'd be okay with that. Chopperman bascially has it's own franchise and it's adorable.