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I bought the DVD today, and ...Ok, I just finished watching it, and... GAH SO AWESOME.

I'll try to avoid spoilers, but I can't say anything about the comments. In fact, go nuts, I wanna talk about it!

  • First off, holy shit, this thing is pure eye candy. Obviously the animation is gonna be gorgeous, but the colors are so vibrant and beautiful. I have to attribute that to Oda, whose designs, color sense, and style were adapted perfectly. Spot on man.
  • The music. I have to go fucking download the soundtrack right now. It's so much fun and and fresh, and new, and shiney, and awesome. So this is where all the One Piece soundtrack people were. (Music's been pretty slow in the actual show the past few arcs.)
  • Third, story. I don't really know what else to say. Oda wrote it. Of course it's great. It felt like a side story to the main adventure (which it is). But a very good one. Like one of those untold stories you always hear about. Except we did get told, hard. I was a little confused at first, because they jumped right into the story, without explaining how they got there, but they explain it soon enough. The style was just different from usual. But I didn't mind that at all. (Heck, Movie 6 was my favorite, and that's dark as hell.)
    • The humor was mostly a build up (concerning this one gag), and I pretty much felt the way Nami did during Shiki/trio combination parts. "Lame. Go away, jerk." But it paid off later in a joke, so it was lame with a purpose. Also, hated Indigo's farting shoes, but I got used to. Overall, it was fun. Brook and Sanji were on.
    • The ending wasn't exactly anti-climactic, but I can see why it was Whitebeard who was Roger's rival and not Shiki.
  • The little stuff: Luffy acting like a captain. Oh eM GGGGG. The way everyone was deferring to him. The way he was throwing orders around. The way everyone was backing him up. We don't see it much in the series to begin with, but since the crew's been seperated for two years, we haven't seen it at all. So that was hawt stuff. Crew interaction was great.
    • Everyone with guns! Sexy as fuck.

So that's the sum of it. I ♥ this movie.

Only little gripe I had was that Usopp was so white. I don't know what was up with that.