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Since we're not gonna see a movie this year (because they're only gonna make higher quality films every two years instead), how about talking about what you'd like to see?

First off, no more remakes. Please. I was pretty annoyed at Movie 8, because everything felt so rushed, and we've already seen that arc told properly instead of crammed into 72+ minutes. I honestly went "Wtf?" with Movie 9. It was so pointless. Why would I care if the Strawhats had had Franky, Robin, and Thousand Sunny before meeting Chopper? They didn't even change anything plot related. Ugh. Very disappointed.

If they had to do a remake, I think the Whitebeard War would be the best choice. Lots of action and a terrific ending. But, really, I'd like another original story. It would be ideal if the movie was in-canon like Strong World, but I understand that Oda doesn't have a lot of time for that. Otherwise, another great original filler like Movie 6 would be very nice.

One Piece movies don't exactly have the best..., but now that they're gonna devote more time to them, I think we can expect greater works.

So this is to get the ball rolling. I'll think about it more myself, but what would you like to see? What ideas have you got?

What kind of movie would you like to see the most?

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Some Ideas I Like

  • Whitebeard War remake
  • East Blue Saga remake (might be a nice introduction to potential fans.)
  • Something dark, like Movie 6
  • Luffy's origin/flashback story, told in chronological order.
  • How Shichibukai became Shichibukai? Idk, I just want to know what Hancock did on her first voyage pirating that made the WG want to hire her. But this would probably give away too much plot.
  • Something involving modern sports. I liked seeing the baseball, soccer featurette, and the skate race during Davy Back Fight.
  • Alternate Universe: Straw Hats in a modern setting. Don't know how this would be interesting though. I'd just kind of like to see it somehow.
  • Alternate Universe: Luffy as a marine! Lol, yea, I don't know.