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I'm Back! (for now)

So does anyone else find it terribly amusing that the Toriko wiki's spotlight image is that of Luffy?

Anyway, howdy ya'll! It's been a while hasn't it? I've been pretty busy lately, and not in a very One Piece mood. If you read the notice at the top of my Talk Page you knew my mom was mildly injured when a cab hit her while she was riding her bike. The bone on her right shoulder broke, meaning she hasn't been able to fully move it without causing a lot of pain. And as a hair stylist this is somewhat detrimental. And seeing as it's my mother who is the breadwinner in my family (basically just herself and I, though my father was around for a few months not contributing to anything) I needed to pick up some more work.

I'm a... freelance graphic designer... I suppose, so it just meant cramming in more time with a regular client. Classes were coming to a close and I just finished Finals last week. ugh. And I was helping out my best friend with his senior animation film. Just some backgrounds and help with art direction. I'm taking some summer courses too (starting Thursday as a matter of a fact), but it's probably not gonna be a biggy.

Regardless! Yes. Hello! I'm back. :D

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