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Episode 457

Sigh. I really don't care for these recap episodes. And we've got a few more to come, I think. Next week is definitly one, so there's a good chance the one after that is one too. At least, I think we can expect a new opening after the flashbacks are done! (Hopefully.)

However, it was a pleasent surprise to see some of [[Flashback#Luffy.27s_Flashback|Luffy's Flashback]]. He looks so cute! It's interesting to compare this young!Luffy with young!Luffy from previous episodes. But I know in the manga Oda made him look younger too. I know it's way too early, but I'm really looking forward to seeing the Post-War Arc animated.

Another bonus in this episode was seeing the scene where Ace give Luffy his Vivre Card reanimated. I think it would have been even nicer if they'd reanimated everything. (EDIT: Just found out this was a previously reanimated scene, so it's not new footage. Disappointing.) But of course, the reason for having one of these recap episodes is to cut back on budget, and create filler. Maybe this means we'll see the war nicely animated.


Possibly right before Ace's vivre card burns up, we'll see that exact scene again.

------END SPOILER------

Anyway, I think it's fun comparing old and new style. So I put this together real quick. I think Ace looks great, but some of Luffy's charm is lacking in the new version IMHO. The backgrounds have gotten a lot more atmospheric I think, but the coloring is still quite nice in both versions in different ways.

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Episode 101 Comparison to the reanimated scene