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One Piece will be returning September 29 (the scanlations should be out then, at any rate.) With a nice long chapter of 24 pages. Hear, that? 24 pages when we return!

The new arc is supposedly going to be called ”The Last Ocean: The New World”.[1] It’s NOT the manga’s new title, it’s just what Oda's calling the arc. Please note, this is not what the wiki will be calling it. It seems to be something of a draft title? I'm not actually sure. Apparently the previous arc was called "Sea of Survival: The Super Nova Arc".[2] In the same pages this was mentioned it also said, "the manga is at the front of the magazine, and in color." In other words One Piece will be on the cover of Jump. (I'm also hoping for a color spread, though that's not mentioned.)

There will be a new Databook out on November 4th: One Piece Green. (Good guess Dancepowderer!) Along with Volume 60. (I hope they make an exception this time and include 13 chapters to 3D2Y.)

Also part of Shonen Jump's "One Piece Countdown” (where we got the arc title, and page news), a special they've been doing since the haitus for One Piece addicts, by recapping the series, is an interview with six of the Japanese voice actors. Here’s the link with Mayumi Tanaka (Luffy), Akemi Okamura (Nami), Kappei Yamaguchi (Usopp), Hiroaki Hirata (Sanji), Ikue Otani (Chopper), and Yūichi Nagashima (Brook) on their… ideas of what will happen in the upcoming storyline. Very funny stuff. Check it out.

Quick recap:

  • One Piece's scanlation will be out September 29th, barring they decide to drag thier asses.
  • One Piece will be on the cover of Jump.
  • Chapter 598 will be 24 pages long.
  • Oda's calling the new arc "The Last Ocean: The New World".[3][4]
  • The new Databook, One Piece Green, will be out November 4th.[5]
  • Volume 60 will be out the same day.
  • One Piece Countdown//One Piece Seiyuu interview can be read here.


  1. Photo from Jump
  4. Full photo spread of Oda's note and preview sketches.
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