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Who Does Luffy Hate the Most? Edit

There are so many villains that Luffy faced in his entire life, but there are only a couple that would have done some things that would make him truly hate them (this being well said, as he barely hold grudges against or even remember the "lesser" villains, like Buggy and Helmeppo), and who would you think those people are? My personal top five ones are (from the one he hates most to least):

  1. Akainu: for killing Ace.
  2. Marshall D. Teach: for sending Ace to prison and leading to the Battle of Marineford, which ultimately led to Ace's death.
  3. Higuma: Luffy claimed that he hated bandits (though he liked the Dadan Family) due to Higuma insulting Shanks and (indirectly) making Shanks lose an arm.
  4. Arlong: Luffy remembered what Arlong and his crew did to Nami, and at first refused to rescue Hatchan for simply being affiliated with Arlong.
  5. Crocodile: Luffy was refusal at releasing him from prison for what the ex-Shichibukai did to Vivi's country, and only agreed to release him from there when knowing his usefulness.