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Logia Devil Fruits

Okay, I'm just curious, what other types of Logia Devil Fruits are out there? Personally, the Logia class is my favorite, what with its awesome destructive powers and near invincibility. So I would like to ask everyone's opinions, simply out of curiosity. My personal ideas are:

  • Solar energy (sun): powerful solar energies that can incinerate everything, a much stronger version than fire, magma and light.
  • Hellfire: black flames of hell that can incinerate everything, cannot be extinguished. Yeah, this is a fictional element, but pretty cool regardless.
  • Wood: creating wood to change the battlefield, bind and crush opponents, suck their nutrients dry.
  • Water: drown opponents, cause massive tidal waves, waterfalls, whirlpools and such to level areas, powerful water-jets to cut anything. I know, this "Mizu Mizu no Mi" thing is against the Devil Fruit weakness, but hey, who knows?
  • Blood: creepy one, but drains and manipulates blood out of opponents, as well as give them transfusions, and maybe activate Gear Second to pump the blood, never fearing blood loss.
  • Metal (all types of metal out there): solid metal body, can form any types of weapons (swords, guns, bullets, etc.) out of body, or liquid form for maneuverability.
  • Wind (air): control air to suffocate opponents or give them air to breathe in case of low oxygen places, fly, create wind blades, twisters, compressed air bullets/blasts, and massive gusts to blow things away.
  • Void (aether, nothingness): creates vacuums to suffocate and crush things, becomes "nothing" to "disappear" to let things bypass body, phase through solid objects, shoot out void-blasts to make things disappear.
  • Earth (rock, soil, mud): creating mudslides, earthquakes (not Gura Gura no Mi-style), rock-hard weapons, causing rocks to rise to spear the opponents, fissures, bury and crush opponents, change the terrain.
  • Dust (molecules): controls dust (which is in molecular size) to control molecule, break down objects at a molecular level, cause dust explosions and storms. Somewhat similar to Suna Suna no Mi.
  • Snow: create avalanches, snowballs hurled at the speed of bullets, blizzards that can blow out even fire. Basically a (possibly weaker) variation of the Hie Hie no Mi.

Which of these hypothesis is your favorite?

Of the possible elements that I mentioned, which one do you like?

Which is your favorite?

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