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I have a new theory on why the episodes are now so extended.

Longer and Extended Episodes

Think about it: in the past each anime episode covers about two or three manga chapters, and consequently, they catch up to the manga really fast. As a result, the producers are forced to create filler arcs to slow themselves down.

However, by extending each episode with more scenes in the main storyline, they managed to slow themselves down just as well; don't you all see? Currently, each anime episode covers exactly one manga chapter, and both of them comes out once a week. This causes them to run perfectly smoothly, with no overlapping, or need of fillers.

What does everyone think about this? We really should thank the producers for thinking such an ingenious way of reducing that filler arcs crap. A few additional scenes in the main storyline is a lot better than those nonsensical fillers that even create plot-holes. I certainly hope they keep it up this way.