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I don't have much to do during the break (boring), and I have an idea of a Logia-class Devil Fruit, so I thought I make it up on here and see what everyone thinks, just to kill some time. After all, the Logia is my favorite class.

The Fruit

  • Name: Void Void Fruit/Space Space Fruit
  • Element: Void/Space (they're pretty much the same)
  • Class: Logia
  • Description: Allows the eater to become, generate and control element of space.
  • Abilities:
    • Warp between space (effectively teleportation).
    • Rip through the fabrics of space to cause massive damage to the opponents.
    • Distort space to cause damage.
    • Launch space-based blasts to cause damage, causing them to vanish into the void.
    • Becoming space to phase through solid matter.
  • Notes:
    • Among the five elements of Japan, the Void element is like the fifth element, the very space we are in (not air/wind).
    • This is like aether, like outer space, where no air, no matter, just pure space.
    • Yeah, the "void" thing is like the Yami Yami no Mi, being a "void" that absorbs all. But this space one doesn't absorb. It's just the space that fills the world.
    • Yeah, the space control is similar to Trafalgar Law's ability to control everything within a "space" he creates, spatially warping things around. But this is different, the user cannot sever parts and keep the people alive like Law does, instead warps the things away, like warping a limb away, effectively amputating it, and becoming the space itself to avoid damage.
    • Anyone watched Alive: The Final Evolution? The main antagonist becomes "void" to allow attacks to phase through him, and he can launch void blasts to vaporize matter. He can also become "void" to travel at between space. Basically, this is similar in concept.