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Mermaid Flesh

According to Japanese legend, the those who eat the flesh of a ningyo (a Japanese version of the mermaid) gains immortality. An entire series was based on this concept, which is one of my personal favorites. As of note, despite "ningyo" being a "mermaid", in legend, they are quite monstrous looking, contrary to thinking them as humans with fish tail.

Do you think this would be true in One Piece?

Note: I'm just making this post out of sheer interest, not really hoping Luffy or anybody would go eat Keimi or something like that.


Does eating mermaid flesh grant immortality?

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By the way

If mermaid flesh does grant immortality, would you eat it?

On a side note, in legend, eating mermaid flesh can sometimes be considered a curse for various reason.
Eat mermaid flesh?

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