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Gravity Manipulating Devil Fruit

A Devil Fruit That Controls Gravity

As we all know:

  • The Yami Yami no Mi controls darkness by sucking in matter, crushing it with high gravity. This only increases gravity, and does not repel or levitate. At best, he spits back the stuff out rather than let it float from anti-gravity.
  • The Fuwa Fuwa no Mi cancels gravity and levitates objects, allowing it to float and move at the user's will. Basically, this is more of telekinesis than gravity control/cancellation, nor does it increase gravity to crush things.

So, with those said, does anyone think there is a Devil Fruit out there that allows the complete control gravity by increasing and decreasing it, to crush things and levitating them, attract and repel matter? Also, without the extra element of darkness or the telekinesis thing.

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