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Moria: the weakest of them all? Edit

Of the eight Shichibukai shown, current and former, doesn't it seem that Moria is the weakest of them all?

Reasons Edit

  • Yes, Moria's former bounty of Beli320,000,000 is the second highest known, but bounties don't exactly reflect the fighting strength, but rather the threat level according to the World Government. Also, it was a former bounty, so it is not accurate with his current standing.
  • Moria suffered a heavy defeat from Kaidou all of a sudden, despite their former equality, which may be due to Moria weakening.
  • Moria suffered another defeat from Monkey D. Luffy, who had a lower current bounty than his former bounty, as well as despite having 1000 shadows implanted within. Crocodile, who had a much lower bounty, managed to nearly kill Luffy three times before Luffy managed to take advantage of Crocodile's underestimation to win.
  • Moria suffered a third defeat by the hands of Jinbei, who also had a lower bounty than him. Jinbei made the defeat quick, despite Moria enlarging himself with more shadows.
  • Moria grew lazy after his defeat from Kaidou, which may have led to his deterioration of strength.
  • Moria was the only one of the seven Shichibukai present at the war to display shock at Luffy being Revolutionary Dragon's son, an indication of lack of composure.
  • Moria was easily overpowered by Donquixote Doflamingo and the army of Pacifista, when the Government ordered his dismissal and execution.

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Is Moria the weakest of the eight Shichibukai?

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