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Research on Devil Fruits

As we can all say, one of the greatest mysteries within the series is Devil Fruits. And Dr. Vegapunk has researched into Devil Fruits more than anyone. Chopper also did some research of his own, and managed to distort the waves of the fruit's powers, with the Rumble Ball. Now, I ask you, what do you think about all this research will lead to? I personally think:

  • They say the fruits house actual devils, maybe research would bring these devils out.
  • Maybe research will allow eaters to have more than one Devil Fruit power (similar to how Blackbeard did) without exploding.
    • It might also explain how Blackbeard stole Whitebeard's powers. Maybe he copied it in some form, or forced the fruit to regrow somehow and consumed it. Who knows?
  • Maybe someone can discover how to eliminate the standard weaknesses of the Devil Fruit, allowing eaters to swim, be immune to Kairoseki and such.