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What does the letter say?

After Buggy returns from the Battle of Marineford, he receives a letter from the World Government, which Galdino reads in shock. What would it be saying?

An invitation to the Shichibukai
  • To replace their four dismissed members with a pirate who has a formidable reputation (Roger Pirates member and breaking out of Impel Down).
  • Contradictions:
  • Being a member of Roger Pirates is unacceptable, such as Silvers Rayleigh and Portgas D. Ace being marked for death simply being affiliated with Gol D. Roger, even after his death for 22 years.
  • Buggy's performance in the war wasn't really too impressive, to be frank. He was simply noted for being an instigator of the Impel Down breakout.
A declaration that he succeeded Whitebeard as a Yonkou
  • Buggy's formidable reputation (as mentioned above) has earned him enough to be considered to be one of the four most powerful pirates in the world (similar to Shanks).
  • Contradictions:
  • As stated, Buggy had a poor performance in the war, even though many mistook it for grand bravado at times.
  • Monkey D. Luffy can challenge this, as he is stronger, performed better in the war, and he also bears an equally (more or less) impressive heritage: son of Revolutionary Dragon.


What is the letter to Buggy about?

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Anyone think it's something other than Shichibukai or Yonkou?

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