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Paramecia Water Element Fruit

We all had talks about a "Mizu Mizu no Mi" or something, a Logia-class Devil Fruit that allows the user to become and control the element of water. We all had talks about that being a controversy of going against the weakness of a Devil Fruit user. Well, I have a new suggestion.

How about a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that allows the user to manipulate water? The user cannot change into water to evade strikes, so they won't suffer the dispute of whether they can merge with water or have their powers deactivated. However, in exchange, they can control water in all phases: gas (steam, mist, vapor), liquid (simple water), and solid (ice). That's right, they can manipulate water to drown their foes or glide on it for fast movements, evaporate it to create a thick fog, or freeze it for weapons. The user can also control the moisture content within the human body, causing internal damage or giving themselves a boost.

In exchange, the user does not gain the benefit of a Logia of being intangible. I mean, come on, the Paramecia-class have always been considered to be the weakest, so this way, they should get some recognition. The Gura Gura no Mi is powerful, like a Logia, but one is not enough. Also, this way, simply manipulating water doesn't mean they can become water and nullify the water weakness. What do you all think?