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4Kids: The Worst Thing Ever

I'm sure that most (if not all) of you agree with me, when I say 4Kids Entertainment is the worst thing that ever happened to the One Piece anime. What with their stupid censorship of turning Flintlock into toys, erasing blood, Americanizing Japanese things, absolutely no "mature things" (profanity, cleavage, excess violence etc.), editing what they think is racism or religious, terrible dubbing of the dialogues, creating plot-holes by refusing the Laboon Arc, and cutting the episodes short by merging with them. Remind me if I miss anything.

4Kids is utter bullshit, and they should be shot for ruining a great series such as One Piece and banned from dubbing anymore anime. Thank God that they stopped dubbing it early: who knows what would happen if they went on till now? Who agrees with me?


Is 4Kids is the worst thing for One Piece?

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