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  • Yatanogarasu

    It's been a while since I did a blog, and this one I just want to know. As we saw, Blackbeard has somehow acquired two Devil Fruit powers without his body exploding. So out of curiosity, if it were you, what two Devil Fruit powers would you want? Can be any of the already existing powers, or fan-made that has yet to be shown. Also, for any of the already existing characters, like those of the Straw Hat Pirates, if they were to acquire two Devil Fruit powers, do you think they should and what should they be?

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  • Yatanogarasu

    It's been a while since I made a blog (in fact, I rarely do them anymore, seeing the speculations and fan-fiction they bring up) but I have a good idea for one.

    There are certain manga series that started off good, but they tend to have a bad ending, mostly due to the author is being rushed or something. I'm talking about "Alive: The Final Evolution", "Black Cat", "Buso Renkin", "Mahou Tsukai Kurohime", among some other series. Sure, they start off good and hot, but around halfway or three-quarters, they take a downhill roll, and suddenly, an unexpected end that makes us say "WTF?!". This kind of stuff happens when the author is running out of ideas, losing patience and interest and just wants to wrap up the series without leaving a cliffha…

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  • Yatanogarasu

    Do you think that the children should inherit their parents' accomplishments, crimes, and legacies? Akainu, Demalo Black, and about half of the World Government believes so. Like, should Ace and Luffy be discriminated just because their fathers are top criminals of the world (as Akainu thought), or how Luffy should be respected simply because his father and grandfather are famous people (as Black used this to his advantage)?

    I personally believe no. It's unfair to Robin, as she was hunted down simply because her homeland was guilty, an innocent child being pursued for something she herself has not committed. The children should be arrested for crimes they committed, not for what their parents did. What do you all think?

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  • Yatanogarasu

    We all had talks about a "Mizu Mizu no Mi" or something, a Logia-class Devil Fruit that allows the user to become and control the element of water. We all had talks about that being a controversy of going against the weakness of a Devil Fruit user. Well, I have a new suggestion.

    How about a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that allows the user to manipulate water? The user cannot change into water to evade strikes, so they won't suffer the dispute of whether they can merge with water or have their powers deactivated. However, in exchange, they can control water in all phases: gas (steam, mist, vapor), liquid (simple water), and solid (ice). That's right, they can manipulate water to drown their foes or glide on it for fast movements, evaporate i…

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  • Yatanogarasu

    Logia and Paramecia

    February 12, 2011 by Yatanogarasu

    I noticed something, that several Logia-type Devil Fruit have a Paramecia-type as a weaker counterpart of some sort. Some of which can create similar effects but lack the intangibility, others are lesser in terms of elemental control, but they are similar enough to be counterparts.

    • Mera Mera no Mi and Akainu's magma fruit:
      • Kachi Kachi no Mi can produce heat, but no more.
      • Atsu Atsu no Mi can also control heat, but not become it.
    • Goro Goro no Mi:
      • Gura Gura no Mi can also shock the opponent (though not by electrocution).
      • Kid's magnetic based Devil Fruit can also manipulate metal, similar to Enel smelting it.
    • Hie Hie no Mi:
      • Mero Mero no Mi can also freeze the opponent (or rather petrify, but both are similar afflictions).
    • Yami Yami no Mi:
      • Kage Kage no …
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