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Yami6302 11:06, April 5, 2010 (UTC)I recently had a discussion about Shichibukai being the 7 "strongest" pirates because they're part of the 3 great power and 1 Yonkou=roughly 2 Shichibukai and i tnoced that the Shichibukai articles also have a similar statement, but this proven to not be the case after the Whitebeard war.

The Whitebeard war was pretty much 1 Yonkou=Shichibukai+Marines and not to mention some Whitebeard's commanders are on par with some Shichibukai so if the Shichibukai are consider 7 "strongest" pirates, then the "strongest pirates" list must included around 20+ pirates because we've only seen 1 Yonkou's crew in action.

I would consider them "strong" pirates because they are stronger than most pirates, but that does not necessary mean they are the "strongest" pirates. "Strongest" implied that they stand above every pirates and this is not necessary true and in context would be stronger than Yonkou as well.