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Inspiried by the infamous Tyrant Kuma's catch phrase, this question asks what Devil Fruit would you eat as opposed to where you would like to travel.

My answer would be simple




Shira Shira No Mi (Shira formed by taking the first syllable of 'Shi' from Shiro meaning White and 'Ra' as the last syllable of Tora for Tiger. Hence meaning White Tiger) Allows the user to transform into a large white Tiger (Three times the size of the average man) or a a Tiger-Man hybrid (Standing at just over half the size of a Giant). The fruit is a Mythic Zoan taking it's origins from the Four Guardians of Chinese Astrology. This Zoan allows the user to create Metal and control it in a similar manner to a Logia fruit however the user may not 'break down' thier bodies into Metal. When struck molten metal leaks from the wound searig it shut and leaving an amost plate-like armour on the wounded area. In addition to it's elemental capabillities it grants the user tremendous increases to strength, speed, stamina, durabillity and sensory perception.



So what fruit would you use? an existing one? or one of your own creation? post in the comments below.