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Once more in the interests of fandom creativity and looking at how nice other peoples ideas are, it's time for a new game now that the Devil Fruits one seems to have died. and that game is...!GASPFACE! another game about devil fruits. All you do here is come up with one brand new attack/technique/use for the Gomu Gomu No Mi then one brand new Attack/Technique/Use for any existing devil fruit of your choice. I will begin.

Gomu Gomu No Mi

Gomu Gomu No Gigante Satellite - The user while in Gear 3rd expand his ears to gigantic sizes allowing him to hear all sound no matter how minute for miles around. The draw back of course is loud sounds can become painful without training.

Kage Kage No Mi


  • Four Counts - The doppelman divides itself into four smaller versions of itself, it then ataches itself to the shadow of another person/object and reshapes them into large imitations of the user that are at the command of the user, the Four Counts exist in a semi-shadow state that causes them to break apart like Brick Bat when struck however the person/stubstance is destroyed completely once the technique is ended.