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  • YTOfficer01

    Gomu Gomu No!

    October 5, 2010 by YTOfficer01

    Once more in the interests of fandom creativity and looking at how nice other peoples ideas are, it's time for a new game now that the Devil Fruits one seems to have died. and that game is...!GASPFACE! another game about devil fruits. All you do here is come up with one brand new attack/technique/use for the Gomu Gomu No Mi then one brand new Attack/Technique/Use for any existing devil fruit of your choice. I will begin.

    Gomu Gomu No Gigante Satellite - The user while in Gear 3rd expand his ears to gigantic sizes allowing him to hear all sound no matter how minute for miles around. The draw back of course is loud sounds can become painful without training.


    • Four Counts - The doppelman divides itself into four smaller versions of itsel…

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  • YTOfficer01

    Inspiried by the infamous Tyrant Kuma's catch phrase, this question asks what Devil Fruit would you eat as opposed to where you would like to travel.

    My answer would be simple


    Shira Shira No Mi (Shira formed by taking the first syllable of 'Shi' from Shiro meaning White and 'Ra' as the last syllable of Tora for Tiger. Hence meaning White Tiger) Allows the user to transform into a large white Tiger (Three times the size of the average man) or a a Tiger-Man hybrid (Standing at just over half the size of a Giant). The fruit is a Mythic Zoan taking it's origins from the Four Guardians of Chinese Astrology. This Zoan allows the user to create Metal and control it in a similar manner to a Logia fruit however the user may not 'break down' thier b…

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  • YTOfficer01

    My Predictions

    September 20, 2010 by YTOfficer01

    In the past I predicted several events that were to unfold in the one piece Manga when in discussion with various fans of the series via MSN/Xfire and even some forums, events such as:

    - Akainu's Devil fruit - Blackbeard gaining a second Devil Fruit - The existence of a Light based devil fruit (though my prediction was of it being an illusion based paramecia) - The existence of Mythic Zoan fruit, less of a prediction and more a concept I latched onto back in 2008 for an RP site I was on.

    So for future reference I'll make note of my future ones here in this blog.

    1. Law's devil fruit will be the Bara Bara No Mi. With the existence of each power gained from a fruit being unique in the world, when Law ate the Bara Bara since Buggy had gained the…

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