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Who are those Mystery Brokers?

Xyriel 14 November 4, 2012 User blog:Xyriel 14

Guess who're these mystery brokers? The others clearly are Pekoms, Tamago, Eustass Kidd and Killer. They might be existing characters, while others, maybe, are new characters.


  • A. Makes me think of Basil Hawkins, kind of.
  • B. I'm quite confident that these are X Drake and "Iron Boy" Scotch. If they really are, then Drake did manage to catch Kaido's attention.
  • C. Reminds me of Avalo Pizarro, remember, he's called "Corrupt King" so there's a possibility he's up to underworld trade. But still Blackbeard Pirates should at least be complete if they will have an appearance, even if it's a silhouette.
  • D. Kinda looks like Aokiji but I'm in great doubt since I haven't seen him smoking .
  • E. Not an idea.
  • F. Looks like one of Joker's subordinates, the one that shot Baby 5
  • G. Not an idea.
  • H. Not an idea.


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