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One Piece Wikia Podcast - Episodes 11 + 12 - Doflamingo's Defeat & Sabissho Pain Megacasts

Xilinoc July 22, 2015 User blog:Xilinoc

Somehow, through some miracle of science and eldritch magic, we've managed to actually record our opinions on the last 9 or so chapters. Holy crap. Essentially, the story is that we recorded a podcast covering all the chapters revolving around the Gear Fourth recharging period and Doflamingo's defeat (788-790), but a certain Belgian waffle never got around to actually making and uploading a video for it. Today, I made the executive decision to do it myself. So here you are.

Episode 11 Participants:

As for the next 4 chapters, we managed to record that yesterday easily enough, and I opted to put it in a separate video but on the same blog page for the sake of convenience. This covers chapters 791-794. Episode 12 Participants:
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