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We're back with another ludicrous episode of this podcast, which apparently can only be recorded during chapter breaks or something. This week, we've got:

This time around, we're discussing chapter 800-803 - the for realz end of the Dressrosa arc, tons of setup for future arcs/events, and the start of the reach the elephant's butthole Zo Arc.

Oh, and for the foreseeable future, all episodes will be uploaded on my personal account because - since Youtube's stupid about copyright - the wiki channel received a copyright strike for the previous episode (presumably the intro and outro) and said strike won't go away for another 6 months unless it somehow gets repealed, meaning the channel can't upload videos longer than 15 minutes. Unless we start doing single-chapter reviews, which is unlikely given how conflicting everyone's schedules are, there's no way we're going 15 minutes or less. hence what I'm doing. Blame Jade and her communist ways.

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