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One Piece Wikia Podcast - Episode 10

Xilinoc May 27, 2015 User blog:Xilinoc

Well, we're finally back to review last week's chapter, 787. Took us long enough, I know.

Anyway, this week's members consist of:

We had some recording problems midway through, and the chapter itself didn't have anything major going on like the last few did, so the 'cast is shorter than usual. We'll try to not let Greece's horrendous economy bring down my internet connection next time. So yeah, we'll try to get these up earlier in the future, but since Fin is such a massive failure money-scrubbing jewlord Belgian cockmuffin, I can't make any guarantees.

The poll was created at 03:17 on May 27, 2015, and so far 7 people voted.

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