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Well there goes our chapter streak. Ended on a solid note, at least.

So first off, we're introduced to a few more upper-tier Charlotte kids, most notably the eldest daughter. According to Vito, they're all pretty powerful in their own right, so I'm hoping they all get a chance to show off during the chaos that's gonna ensue in a few chapters.

Next, we get the massive reveal that Mother Caramel is...probably related to Gloriosa. I mean, Big Mom made a point of not revealing what exactly her relation to her is so idk. Turns out all those Underworld emperors also brought wedding gifts, and Big Mom's still gonna open the Tamatebako later, not realizing what a bamboozling she's in for.

Outside, Bege and his men have completed preparations for isolating the wedding hall, and Gangster Gastino's got a big mirror that he's gonna bring into the hall for everyone to escape through after Big Mom is killed. Oh, and they killed a door homie for overhearing their conversation, RIP yet another future nakama in the making. Most hilariously of all, the Straw Hat are currently passed out inside Bege's body due to exhaustion, so Jinbe's gonna wake them 10 minutes before everything goes down.

Cut to Sanji sitting down with Pudding privately, where he manages to re-fall for her charms as I think many of us guessed he would. Not even Pudding herself can believe how he acts when he's infatuated. Hard to blame her.

And finally, the wedding proper is about to begin...and Bege has realized Sanji's taken the bait. Hopefully he can pull himself back together before the "I do" portion of all this - would be great to get another savage one-liner from him in its place right before all hell breaks loose.

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