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Well, I think everyone got something they wanted out of this chapter.

So we start off with a sort of wrap-up of the Dressrosa arc, with Issho refusing to pursue Law and Luffy because of - you guessed it - a dice roll, all the combatants sleeping it off in the palace (with Hakuba hilariously chained up) and Riku telling Rebecca that she'll be the queen princess if he becomes the king again (damn you MP).

Then we cut to the Sunny Hats fighting what appear to be Big Mom/Kaido's forces somewhere or other. We've got a lot of unseen plot here; apparently, they got onto Big Mom's ship, then escaped, then met some girl, and now they're on a weird island and are being pursued by the pirates for that very girl. It's all very confusing, and I imagine it was meant to be just that, but I'm glad to at least have some update on them. Also, this mysterious girl seems to be part deer. Deer Zoan hype?

Then we go back to Urouge and his confronter of all people; apparently, this other guy didn't mean to fight or anything, but is instead the subject of the tile "Suicide", as he proceeds to jump off a sky island in an attempt to kill himself. Normally, this would be extremely dark, way too much so for One Piece...but upon landing on the island below, which happens to be where the Kidd Alliance is chilling, he makes one of those outline things in the ground where he landed, which means he's okay. All the while, an ongoing narration states how this guy was captured and tortured and keeps trying to kill himself...but he's survived all the tortures, he's never been properly executed, and he in fact finds suicide attempts to be FUN. This man is none other than the unseen OG, the biggest, baddest man in town...Kaido, King of the Beasts.

*cue fangirl squealing from men and women alike*

Now THAT was how you introduce the final Yonko; a simple, yet effective entrance coupled with an expository narration of how incredibly hardcore he is. Plus, Kaido's design kicks major ass, and the three Supernovae clearly weren't expecting to face a Yonko just yet. Prepare for some absurd rekage, folks.

Also, judging by that fu manchu Kaido's rocking, people speculating that he was Meadows all along were sorta right; he kinda looks like M's older brother.

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