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Chapter 791 - Anime Filler Incarnate

Xilinoc June 25, 2015 User blog:Xilinoc

Well, here we are. After last week's round of speculation on what might happen after Doffy's defeat - Kaido showing up, a shot of Doffy's uncovered face, maybe even SOMETHING ABOUT THE STRAW HATS AT SEA - we get...the Birdcage dissipating and everyone cheering. Wut.

Okay, to clear something up; I don't have a problem with the contents of the chapter. The events were all very well and good and expected, seeing the cage-pushers fall on their faces when it disappeared was funny and seeing based Kyros smile and cry tugged at my cold dead abyss of a heart - but did we REALLY need that to be all that happened in this chapter? Could we not have gotten a bit more, like Law checking to see if Doffy's dead or just unconscious, or maybe even the aforementioned shot of Doffy's eyes? I don't like using the term "filler" when it comes to source material, but that's what this chapter felt like; a few events stretched out unnecessarily to fill a weekly timeslot quota, like an animu episode.

Other than that, though, it was aight I guess.


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