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Been a while since I made a chapter blog but I've got time to kill.

So first off, apparently Big Mom is an egalitarian: her dream is for everyone to live equally and in harmony. That's an awfully altruistic goal for a pirate, particularly a Yonko, so I'm certain there's something darker lurking behind it.

Next, the town that our heroes have stopped at is one of 34, and it's made entirely of chocolate. My god I would give anything to go there, get fat like Luffy, and die at last to escape life on this miserable rock in the cold and uncaring void. Speaking of Luffy, he and Chopper eat an entire cafe in one go, and nearly get arrested for the first time in their pirate careers for the most minor of their offenses.

But then along comes the cafe's constructor, Charlotte Pudding. Surprise surprise, THIS is how they meet. Not gonna lie, reading the infoboxes I thought at first that she was a look-alike to Pudding, but I guess that slime will be important later or something whatever. Oh, and there are minks who know Pedro around these parts, who'd've thought it.

And finally, it's time for Big Mom's Sing-Along Blog about...the wedding. Damn, Big Mom is fat. This particular ditty goes from quirky to dark real fast as we see various pirates, whom we'll probably be properly introduced to later on, gathering the ingredients for the cake from various countries through brutal force. Yep, Big Mom's still a pirate, I guess. Oh, and she knows Luffy is here somehow, I can't possibly imagine where she heard that from after he ate a cafe.

Overall, a solid chapter. More setup to be sure, but so far the setting isn't shaping up to be stale and boring like Dressrosa, thankfully.

Oh, and I guess we're not getting a followup on that Jinbe thing from last week just yet. Phooey.

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