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  • Xilinoc

    Well there goes our chapter streak. Ended on a solid note, at least.

    So first off, we're introduced to a few more upper-tier Charlotte kids, most notably the eldest daughter. According to Vito, they're all pretty powerful in their own right, so I'm hoping they all get a chance to show off during the chaos that's gonna ensue in a few chapters.

    Next, we get the massive reveal that Mother Caramel is...probably related to Gloriosa. I mean, Big Mom made a point of not revealing what exactly her relation to her is so idk. Turns out all those Underworld emperors also brought wedding gifts, and Big Mom's still gonna open the Tamatebako later, not realizing what a bamboozling she's in for.

    Outside, Bege and his men have completed preparations for isol…

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  • Xilinoc

    I don't think we've had a chapter with this many two-page spreads since Marineford, but they were all very much worth it.

    So to kick things off, apparently the rest of the Sun Pirates are hightailing iut out of WCI, since they know Big Mom's gonna be pissed at them due to Jinbe being Jinbe. As it turns out, we were all wrong about the roulette wheel: instead of losing limbs or lifespan, Jinbe would've had to sacrifice his own crewmates, which we all know is basically a felony to the good guys of this series. Jinbe also knows about the Big Mom Pirates' plan to massacre the Vinsmokes, but isn't going to tell the Straw Hats about it because they'd screw up the plan to kill Big Mom just to save him. How pragmatic. Oh, and he's basically confirme…

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  • Xilinoc

    Ch. 852 - Oh The Humanity

    January 12, 2017 by Xilinoc

    So Oda's chapter string has finally broken, but I think this was a good note to end it on.

    After a hilarious cover page featuring Robin's...eclectic drawing of Chopper, we kick things off in the infirmary, where Sanji finds Reiju recovering from her arrow bullet to the knee and tells her the truth about what happened with Pudding. What a guy, at least his depressing didn't cripple him too much.

    Meanwhile, Jinbe frees Luffy and Nami from their book prison by...burning it. Apparently that's the only way to free people without Mont-d'Or's consent, so yeah. Also funny that Jinbe had to use a bucket of water to extinguish the two. Apparently, in spite of what the dirty MSM is saying about him, Jinbe did in fact resolve his business with Big Mom, so…

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  • Xilinoc

    Ch. 850 - Oda's Still Got It

    December 22, 2016 by Xilinoc

    Wew this is one hell of a chapter to end the year on.

    So we start off with the Bropper duo peeping on a bunch of hapless citizens in the shower as they look for a mirror connected to the castle; as long as they're in physical contact with Brûlée herself, they can freely enter and exit the mirrors. Plus poor Diesel's being forced to cart them around, hooray for slave labor.

    Cut to Sanji, who is indeed bringing the food to Pudding and not Luffy as some people theorized, as he genuinely believes in her as his one ray of hope. Hoooooo boy.

    Then we cut to Luffy, who is literally about to tear his own arms off trying to get out of his cell - reminds me of Zoro trying to cut his own legs off so he could escape Mr. 3's Giant Candle Service Set. He ev…

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  • Xilinoc

    Oh boy, we're ending the year with a 5-chapter stretch. Strap in, everyone.

    First off, just gotta say that I love the cover of this week's jump with Izuku from BnHA drawn as Sanji.

    So the chapter kicks off with more nefarious Vinsmoking - nothing to really see here besides them planning to take Purin "hostage" for leverage in this new marriage.

    Then we get a resolution of the Bropper-Carrot situation - turns out, they out ruse-cruised Brûlée by using one of the forest animals she had copy Carrot's appearance as Carrot herself, with the real Carrot hiding in the rafters and throwing her voice to trick them. We're introduced to Diesel, aka next nakama, and maybe get a name for the giant crocodile? IDK honestly, but it doesn't really matter becau…

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