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  • Xilinoc

    I'm actually here for a chapter release, so it's time for the return of the Xil blog, OH YEAH.

    So after another great shot of mah boi Kyros crying, we cut to Chopper and CArrot, who have been captured by Brûlée. The mad witch is getting ready to add Carrot to some soup, and the alligator that popped up like 16 chapters ago is there too: maybe we'll get a name for obvious future nakama? Chopper's about ready to bust out of his chains and free Carrot, but we've got other things to see... Big Mom essentially reading a picture book to all of Sanji's siblings and his father, which reveals some interesting stuff: Blackbeard's breakout from Impel Down led to the manticores escaping, Doskoi Pandas actually exist instead of just being a brand…

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  • Xilinoc

    Ch. 835 - Soul Queen

    August 4, 2016 by Xilinoc

    Might as well take a gander at this infodump of a chapter while I'm waiting for detergent.

    So after yet another color spread, we kick off with a somewhat ominous page showing how people living in Totland are forced to choose between "life" or "leave" every six months, with those choosing "life" getting a little orb of something scooped out of their bodies. Looks kinda like the healing stuff Mansherry can make.

    Then, we finally get an explanation on what's going down in the Forest Sauvage: when Luffy and his gang confronted Bruhaha, she helpfully revealed that she was behind all the shenanigans from a few weeks ago because she's a Mirror Human who ate the Mirror-Mirror Fruit. Looks like I was totally right. Apparently, this lets her not only …

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  • Xilinoc

    At Roa's behest, I'm gonna discuss last night's filler ep and the new OP. Who knows, if this is popular enough I might do one for each episode.

    So first things first, the new opening song and animation. The song itself is nice and all, but I think it'll take a few more weeks of hearing it for it to catch on with me like Hard Knock Days did. That aside, the opening animation was excellent. We get hype shots of Zou and the Minks, the eventual confrontation with Kaido and his forces, BEST MAMMOTH JACK-SAMA, and of course a three-pronged assault on Kaido from the Monster Trio, ending with an epic fist-clash between Kaido and G4 Luffy. This is pretty much doing right what the first OP of Dressrosa tried to do by hyping up some of the strongest e…

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  • Xilinoc

    I know nobody really makes blogs about the anime these days but I think this is important to discuss so here goes.

    Now, Toei, and more specifically the One Piece anime starting sometime during/after the Water 7 saga, are notorious for mediocre or bad fillers and padding, with strong exceptions like the G-8 arc being few and far between. This has become exacerbated with the current model of adapting roughly 1 chapter's worth of material per episode, meaning that in order to fill the ~19 minutes worth of runtime the studio has to throw in additional stuff. From what I've observed, people dislike padding far more than filler. Why? Well, while canon episode filler is usually just extra scenes for various characters or reusing the various comedic…

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  • Xilinoc

    Been a while since I made a chapter blog but I've got time to kill.

    So first off, apparently Big Mom is an egalitarian: her dream is for everyone to live equally and in harmony. That's an awfully altruistic goal for a pirate, particularly a Yonko, so I'm certain there's something darker lurking behind it.

    Next, the town that our heroes have stopped at is one of 34, and it's made entirely of chocolate. My god I would give anything to go there, get fat like Luffy, and die at last to escape life on this miserable rock in the cold and uncaring void. Speaking of Luffy, he and Chopper eat an entire cafe in one go, and nearly get arrested for the first time in their pirate careers for the most minor of their offenses.

    But then along comes the cafe's…

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