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my idea on kaido

hey wiki bros and sisters since ive been away for some time im just gona get a few blogs out that have been on my mind the first one is my idea or concept for a cool idea fo kiado im also gona try make 1 blog a week on my kaido saga story and some blogs to do with the characters ive made up in them to explain them a little more as well as show where i got the ideas for them and stuff so if you haven't guessed it kaidos kinda gona be my main focus.

ok i found i real cool idea for kaidos powers and character which you will find in the link below

its called a wendigo a human-beast so to speak see where im going with this i was thinking it could be a devil fruit power maybe a mythical zoan or an awakened zoan that would explain why he is no longer considered a human

so this power is what my kaidos gona be bassed off for more on the wendigo you can find info on Wikipedia

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