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chapter 707 prediction (XDY)

Cover: why am I saving this old lady

Page 1:

Bellamy looks at his feet and smiles

Bellamy: I use to think numbers gave me power

Dagama: you sound to cocky boys kill this son of a bitch

10 gladiators: yes sir

The 10 gladiators charge at Bellamy with swords and axes

Bellamy looks up then disappears reappearing behind the gladiators

Bellamy: HAHAHAHA to slow

The gladiators all hit the ground and coughing up blood

Page 2:

Tank Lepanto: my men ILL KILL YOU HYENA!!!

Bellamy: hmmmm your next fine bring it on

Tank lepanto wraps a chain round bellamys waist

TL: got you now

bellamys arm turns black and his legs turn into springs

Bellamy: do you now

Bellamy disappears sending TL flying

Bellamy: where the hell do you think your going

Bellamy grabs the chain and pulls TL back towards him at high speed a spring appears on his Busoshoku Haki infused arm

Bellamy: your gona kill me you got that the wrong way round !!!SPRING BRAKE!!!

Bellamy punches TL in the face with his BH infused arm sending a shockwave through the colosseum

Page 3:

announcer: unbelievable Bellamy has smashed the skull of the commander of the Prodence army

the crowd goes crazy

Bellamy: who's next HAHAHA    

on the sunny

nami chopper and momonosuke all have sceared looks on there faces

brook: who's that

A dark figure walks out of the door

Nami: DD-D-D-DD-D-D-D doflamingo

Doflamingo: hey kids would you mind coming with me fufufufu

Page 4:

Momonosuke: ahhhhh

Momonosuke starts going crazy

doflamingo: would you shut up adults are talking

doflamingo releases a burst of haki knocking Momonosuke out

doflamingo: that's better

doflamingo walks over and sits on the swing on the sunnys deck

nami: what the hell do you want

doflamingo: like I said I want you to come with me

nami: no way in hell

doflamingo puts his hand forward, chopper starts walking towards doflamingo

Chopper: ahhhh what's happening I can't stop nammmi help me (starts crying)

page 5:

nami: what the hell are you doing to him

doflamingo: if I just told you that would ruin the game fufufu

doflamingo starts making chopper walk towards the edge of the ship

doflamingo: maybe he feels like a swim

nami: stop we will come with you just leave him alone

doflamingo stops controlling chopper, chopper runs over to nami crying

nami: I don't get it if you as strong as everyone says why not just kill us

doflamingo: because that would be to merciful

Page 6:

CC transfer team

law: alright there gone

ussop: what the hell are CP0 doing here

robin: who knows but we don't want to find out

law and the rest stand in front of the iron bridge

ussop: do we really have to cross I mean ive caught my I can't cross a bridge disease

law: ill deal with the fish

law walks out on to the bridge 6 shadows fly through the air and land on the bridge

Page 7:

law: room

all the fish fly at high speed towards law

law cuts the fish up with his nodachi

law: there not dangerous in small amounts now get on the bridge

ussop: n-n-no way IM gettin... huh what's that

the sea around the area starts to turn black

law: hurry up and get on

ussop robin and CC all get on the bridge all of a sudden the bridge lifts into the air

Law: tact

Beneath them are thousands of blood thirsty fighting fish

ussop looking at the swam

robin: we should just be glade none of us were torn to pieces

ussop: robin don't say such scary things

law: we're here

Page 8:

back at the arena

Bellamy: alright king lets see how strong you are

all the kings men lay unconscious or dead around him and dagama

dagama: huf huf you barsted ill never let you touch my king

Bellamy stands on the back of dagamas head pushing his face into the ground bellamys leg turns into a spring

Bellamy: worry about yourself first spring shock

the ground starts to shake bellamys spring releases sending dagama through the arena floor into the water


Bellamy: why are you yelling

Page 9:

elizabello grabs TL's chain mace and infuses it with BH haki swinging it at Bellamy


bellamys hand turns black and his arm turns into a spring

Bellamy: spring brake

bellamys arm disappears (in a similar way to luffy in gear second) deflecting the mace


Bellamy appears in front of the king grabbing his arms and putting his feet on the kings stomach

Bellamy: your finished

bellamys legs turn into springs

Bellamy: time for an earthquake

bellamys legs start rapidly smashing the kings stomach

elizabello: AHHHHHHH

Bellamy jumps back leaving the king covered and spewing blood

Bellamy: hahahahaha

Page 10:

bartolomeo: took your time hyena

Bellamy looks around all the other gladiators are dead or unconscious

bartolomeo is covered from head to toe in blood

bartolomeo: just you and me left the crowd favorite and the skurge of the colosseum (bartolomeo licks the blood off his lips)

Bellamy: (taking his glasses off) ive heard of you bartolomeo the cannibal your quite skill with haki

bartolomeo: haki is just essential my real passion is burning the flesh from my enemies that's why I want the mera mera no mi

Bellamy: hahaha your just as psycho as well

bartolomeo: enough talking lets just fucken fight

Bellamy: took the words right out of my mouth

Page 11:

back of the colosseum

luffy: he's different then before

cavendish: you know the hyena?

luffy: we fought once

cavendish: hmmm then why are you still here unless you won

luffy: I beat him with one punch

luffy walks off

cavendish: one punch but the only one to do that to Bellamy was..... Straw hat

cavendish starts to grow angry

cavendish: get your ass back here MONKEY D LUFFY

luffy has a shocked look his face

Page 12:

gladiator: cavendish you idiot like we said before his names lucy not luffy

the changing room starts laughing at cavendish

luffy keeps walking

cavendish: mark my words straw hat I will kill you

The changing room starts shaking

sai: they've started

Rebecca: there both so strong like monsters

Announcer: now this is why we come to the colosseum

colosseum arena

bartolomeo and Bellamy are both puffing heavily and bleeding

bartolomeo: your powerful join my crew

Bellamy: hmmm your not to bad yourself and I will only join one crew the greatest crew THE DONQUIXOTE PIRATES!!!!

the crowd goes crazy

page 13:

on the marine ship

Marine: all the preparations are ready

fujitora: good now we wait for them then we can get started

the end

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