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Cover: crap another big name X Drake appears

Page 1:

cp0 tall member: wasn't that law and the straw hats

cp0 short member: hmmm yer but who gives a crap we don't have time to deal with them

cp0 continues walking

Law: they noticed us

ussop and Caesar are shocked

Page 2:

ussop: wh wh what do you mean they noticed us they didn't stop

Law: .....

Robin: we are not of there concern right now

Law: but they know where here lets get moving before we become of concern

Page 3:

(sanjis love story)

Violet: I guess you want to know why that man is after us

sanji: (holding violet with a huge smile on his face) nope

Violet: I was meant to marry a man but he was killed by the hero of the arena DIAMANTE

Page 4:

sanji: diamante? Who's that

Violet: (starts crying) he's doflamingos adviser and is in love with me he kills every man IM with

sanji: that shity barsted IM gona kick his ass wait who was that man you stabbed

Violet: (stops crying and gets an evil look on her face) one of the donquixote family

Page 5:

(colosseum waiting room)

burgess: wihahaha that was to easy round 2 better be more fun

Lucy: hey champion-guy IM gona kick your ass

Burgess: hmmmm straw hat wihahaha lets oh I can't maybe later

Bellamy: hahahahaha that Lucy guys got balls I can't wait to kill him

Page 6:

(colosseum battleground)

announcer: alright block A was a blood barth lets hope block B's gladiators don't disappoint

bartolomeo walks and sits in the middle of the arena

cavendish: that cocky bastard ill start with him

cavendish flays at bartolomeo

bartolomeo: (smiles) time for some fun

Blood sprays into the air

Page 7:

back on the sunny

nami: WHAAT CP0

chopper: c c cp0 are they stronger then cp9

Law: (via den den mushi) much stronger they weren't part of the plan so be careful (he hangs up)

chopper: there gona kill us all waaaaaaaaaaaaa

Page 8:

brook: who's cp9

nami: there part of the world government

chopper: and there scary

Page 9:

kin'emon: scared flames  

the men around him burst in flames

Spiky helmet man: what the hell did he do

kin'emon: (re-sheaths his sword) now die

Page 10:

the men around him explode in a huge ball of fire

Page 11:

on the other side of the town

Marine: what the hell was that

fujitora: wano swordsmen what the hell are they doing here

Marine: um how do you know that was a wano swordsmen

fujitora: ......

Page 12:

back at the colorussem

bartolomeo: pathetic I expected more

Body's lay all around him

cavendish lay covered in blood unconscious

bartolomeo looks up at he grand stand and points at diamante

bartolomeo: your next

Page 13:

Lucy: wow that guys strong

announcer: bartolomeo never disappoints now its time for block C

Lucy: (cracking his knuckles) shishi alright time to kick some ass

Page 14:

bellamy: ready to die

Lucy: hey your that asshole from jaya I can't wait to kick your ass

Bellamy and Lucy enter the arena 

page 15:

a man enters doflamingos room

doflamingo: what the hell do you want

???: to talk

doflamingo: fufufufufu the beast wants to talk

Page 16:

doflamingo: what dose cp0 want here

the man removes his mask
Info box: garron "the beast"

the mans face is covered in scars with no emotion in his eyes

garron: you tell me joker (he shuts the door)