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In the smoking remains of acacia the Dwarf army battles against the army of dressrosa

zoro and sanji is running down the main street heading towards the colosseum

sanji: IM coming violet my love

zoro: idiot 

sanji: shut up you shitty swordsm... 

sanji and zoro both jump into the air as the ground below them splits in two

The both land on ether side of the fissure'

sanji: who's this asshole 

???: where do you think your going 

infobox: pica "iron giant" donquixote leader'

sanji: shit we don't have time for this 

zoro unsheathing his swords'

zoro: go on ahead 

sanji: what are you talking about you shitty mariom 

zoro: this is the guy who the toy told us about 

sanji: hmmmm (looking over at pica) 

zoro: the strongest swordsmen of dressrosa (putting his sword in his mouth) 

zoro: now go the others need you 

sanji: right 

zoro: besides you would only get in my way 

sanji starts running towards pica

sanji: sky walk 

sanji fly's into the air

'''Pica: I don't think so 

Pica lefts his giant sword (2 1/2 meters) from the ground and swings it towards sanji'

But is intercepted by zoro causing huge gusts of wind to be sent down the burning street'

Pica: ..... 

zoro: your fights with me 

Pica: worm! You think you can challenge me the mighty pica protector of the donquixote family for two generations 

Pica lifts his sword on his shoulder'

Pica: I am master doflamingos strongest subordinate and guard of his throne 

zoro: hmmmm well your not doing very good job 

Pica: propear to die little bug 

End of part 1'