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Title: Bloodthirst

(one month later) a warship docks at a marine base where heavy rain is falling (G-2) marines all start to grab cargo from the ship and carrying it into the base

Marine: hurry rookies grab some cargo and get moving

aramis: um oh right yes sir

drake say nothing and picks up two crates

The crew unloads the supply's into the main building

Marine: alright boys wait here for vice admiral comil he'll run you through some drills

The marine leaves

aramis: drake IM so excited I can't wait I hope...

The large door at the end of the corridor slams open comil and two other marines start walking towards drake and aramis

comil: you must be X drake and... Um what's your name son

aramis: uh aramis sir

comil: aramis nice to meet you (shakes aramis hand)

comil: now before we begin I have to ask have you eaten a devil fruit aramis? drake we are aware of yours from your test results

aramis: yes sir

Marine: well what is it

aramis: the zo zo no mi; model; mammoth

comil: so you both are ancient zoan users that's rear

x drake: why is it important

comil: simple protocol we need to no who can't swim also any other weakness's

Marine: alright that's all go find your bunk

(the next day)

marine: drake, aramis vice admiral wants you right away

drake and aramis walk into a room with a large table

comil: are good your here sorry this is such short notice but your going on a mission with commodore portos

x drake and aramis: yes sir

(3 days later)

portos: prepare all cannons

The warship is under attack from a certain pirate crew

x drake: aramis like we practiced back home

aramis: right

aramis body starts to change he get's hairier and more muscular his body mass increases and grows small tusks

aramis picks up a large piece of wood which x drake hops onto

aramis: ready?

x drake: (smiling) ready

aramis lunches drake into the air high above a pirate ship

drake changes into dinosaur form and starts to pick up speed heading towards the ship

x drake: prehistoric impact

drake crashes into the ship smashing it into pieces sending a large amount of warter into the air

drake is left kneeling on a large remain of the ship

aramis: year it worked

A cannon ball fly's past aramis head

aramis: shit I better pay attention to the battle

aramis turns into his full mammoth form and sticks his trunk in the water

aramis: try this cannon on for size hydro torpedo

aramis fires a jet of water at high pressure through the enemy ship

portos: good job men all ships are defeated

aramis: we won year

portos: good job aramis where's drake

1st marine: shit look at that

2nd marine: there no way that kid could have done that by himself

portos and aramis look across at the enemy ship

aramis: drake?

drake is standing on the deck covered from head to toe in blood with one hundred pirates dead around him


(2 days later)

x drake: you wanted to see me sir

portos: yes I would like a word with you

x drake: about what

portos: your a natural born fighter and you enjoy it?

x drake: .... Year I do (smiles)

portos: I would like you to keep in mind that violence with out thought will lead you nowhere and only hurt you in the end

x drake: (goes to speak but is interrupted by a marine)

marine: sir we have arrived at vegapunks laboratory

Portos: good go prepare to dock

Marine: yes sir

x drake: vegapunk??

Portos: yes we're delivering parts for the pacifista project

x drake: pacifista?

End of part 2