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Title: Aramis

A young boy is running in a panic through a crowed street (infobox: "Aramis" marine trainee aged 16)

Aramis: crap IM late again he's gona be so pissed

aramis runs into a large room where marine soldiers are lined up he makes his way to the end of the line

Aramis: sorry IM ....

???: your late again aramis (infobox: "X Drake" marine trainee aged 17)

Aramis: hehe sorry drake I slept in

X Drake: today's the day we get stationed at a base try and be serous

Aramis: oh right hehe

The door at the other end of the room slams open

???: alright maggots shut the hell up (infobox: commander "gut" wattson head of administration north blue)

Wattson: alright you piss poor excuses for (burp) marine's listen up (drinks some more sake)

after an hour of reading out names drake and aramis are the only two left in the line up

Wattson: right aramis you useless piece of (burp) shit your staying here with me

Aramis: but but that's not fair IM... (wattson backhands aramis)

Wattson: shut your mouth (raising his hand to hit aramis again)

but before he could hit aramis again he was pined to the ground by drake with his sword up against his throat

X Drake: touch him again and ill gut you, you fat piece of shit

Wattson: why you little (reaching for his pistol)

X Drake: (grinning) IM gona enjoy this

Aramis: no drake don't he's not worth it

Drakes saber stops just before wattsons eye

Drakes smile disappears

Wattson: (sweating) you little shit ill have your head for this and yours (looking at aramis)

???: oi oi there's no need for threats

infobox: vice admiral kuzan

Wattson: vi vice admiral kill these brats

kuzan: kill them? No IM here to bring (pulls out a piece of paper) X Drake with me he has rather impressive results for a north blue traniee

X Drake and Wattson: what!!

kuzan: um are you him

Wattson: but this little shit attacked me

kuzan: (sigh) shut up

X Drake: Aramis has to come with me as well

kuzan: hmmmm whatever get your stuff we're leaving

Aramis: really IM gona be a marine

kuzan: oh and boy (looking at drake) don't even think of trying that crap with me now let's go

End of part 1