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X Drake vs IronBoy Scotch prediction

X Drake: (licking blood off his lip) not bad cyborg

Scotch: I never thought a rookie would put up this much of a fight what a pain

Drake Crew: Capitan look out!!

Scotch's left arm busts into flames reveling holes all the way up his arm

X Drake: what the hell

Scotch: time to die rookie (as his arm starts sucking in air) HURRICANE HAMMER!!

Scotch's left hand fly's at drake at blinding speed

X Drake: its to fast (the fist strikes drake in the stomach) ahhh!

Drake on his hands and knees coughing up blood

Scotch: not even rob lucci's tekkai could block that attack rookie rororororo

X Drake:(smiling)don't compeer me to that cat ill show you what a real zoan can do

drake stands up as his skin turns to scales and his mass increases, his shirt and gloves rip off

Scotch: (smiling) drop dead rookie HURRICANE HAMMER!!

Scotch's fist fly's at drake

X Drake: (catches the fist with his left hand) to slow old man (grinning)

Scotch's Crew: (shocked faces) th-th-that's not possible

X Drake: (Crush's scotch's hand then disappears reappearing in front of scotch) who needs soru when IM already faster then lucci

Scotch: wha (as drake kicks him in the face sending him flying)

X Drake: or tekkai when my hits crush mountains

Drake starts walking over to scotch with an evil look on his face

Scotch: (points his right arm at drake) IM going to blow that stupid grin of your face

Scotch's three cannons start rotating unleashing a wave of bullets

Drake disappears again

Scotch: where the hell are you rookie

X Drake: above you

Scotch points his right arm in the air

X Drake: to slow

Drake's saber collides with scotch's cannons causing an explosion sending scotch flying

Scotch: stupid rookie explosions don't work on me now your dead rorororo

Drake walks out of the smoke smiling


X Drake:what are you so happy about my scales are second only to diamond

Scotch:your starting to piss me off

Scotch pushes his left arm into his stomach attaching a mace  

scotch's arm starts sucking in air

X Drake: that trick again (drake disappears again)

scotch's arm ignites covered in blue fire

Scotch: not this time (smashing his flaming mace in drake's face)

X Drake: ahhhh (flying backwards into a pillar of ice)

scotch's mace shatters reveling a new hand

Scotch: ill finish this with one shot (scotch pulls out his sword as it ignites in fire)

X Drake: hmm (drake picks his saber up off the ground)

drake and scotch charge at each other

X Drake: raaaa

Both sword clash causing a shockwave blowing away both crews and half the snow on the island

Scotch and drake stand back-to-back ten meters apart

Scotch falls to the ground as his left arm shatters into pieces

Drake walks over to scotch lying on the ground

Scotch:no it's no possible your just a rookie

X Drake: and you just scrap metal (as he rips off scotch's right arm)

Scotch: ahhhhhh! (screaming in pain)

drake walking away changing out of his hybrid form

X Drake:ill let you live this time

Scotch: why when I tell kaido he will hunt you to the end's of the earth

X Drake: (smiling) that's the point tell kaido IM coming for him

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