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On an unknown island some where in the grand line sengoku sits on a pile of rubble that is the remains of a small town

Sengoku: (with his hand on his forehead) where the hell is garp

A group of marines are burning body's on a large bonfire

Marine: Captain Sengoku-san

Sengoku: hmmm

Marine: Captain garp's den den mushi is ringing


Marine: uh right yes sir

Meanwhile somewhere out at sea

Marine: garp-san don't you think we should have told sengoku-san where we are going

garp sitting on the head of the ship eating crackers and drinking a bottle of sake

Garp: hahahaha roger aint gona wait for us to tell sengoku where we are going plus I think he'll understand

Marine: but captain we left the rear admiral behind as well he's gona...

Garp: ill just talk to admiral Kong when we get back hahaha (garp stuffs another cracker in his mouth)

Marine: at the very least we could ring sengoku-san on the den den mushi

Garp: oh that's a good idea hahaha (garp has another drink of his sake)

back on the island

Sengoku: (shaking a marine) what the hell do you mean he's gone after roger

sengoku lets go of the marine and puts his hand back on his forehead

Sengoku: that fool every time that man's name comes up he forgets his duty to go in pursuit of that bloody roger

???: always under stress sengoku gurararara

Sengoku: that voice (sengoku turns and faces a dark figure) WHITEBEARD!!

Whitebeard: been a while sengoku I was looking for roger

Sengoku: .....

Whitebeard: did I here you say garp has gone in pursuit of him (sculling back some sake) well I have no business here

Whitebeard turns and starts walking away

Sengoku: don't think I'll just let you walk away Newgate

sengokus hand turns gold then he thrusts his palm forward at whitebeard firing a large shockwave

whitebeard swings his arm around causing the air to crack stopping the shockwave

Whitebeard: Gararara

whitebeards shockwave causes sengokus shockwave to explode leveling the forest around them sending waves out to sea and shacking the island to its core

Marines are sent flying in all directions

Sengoku: (with a angered look on his face) whitebeard you barsted

Whitebeard: (turns and faces sengoku) gurururu (smiling) OK you have my attention

Both sengoku and whitebeard stand on ether side of the crater caused by a display of there power

A large battle is about to unfold to be continued....