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ok so the chapter starts off wihere we left off last time with luffy zoro and whats her name facing off with pica (just to go on record pica was my fav executive before he was shown to have the best powers of the 3) we are told what his powers are and he smash to walls in to the group. then the colosseum HOLY FUCK best bit of the chapter in my opinion ,burgess is a monster smashs a fighting fish straight through the crowd like it aint shit then we get told he is 1 of blackbeards 10 giant captains which i thought was interesting i would like to get more info on this. then along comes sabo straight away jumps on the fish with the df then just makes to powerful characters look like bitchs with his haki (which is strong as fuck) then we are told trevors df powers the beta beta no mi and learn a little more about suger and the factory cadivish is turned into a toy and pretty much is put into toy hell. the dewafs tell us there plane and the hope of dressrosa rests on little leos shoulders.

so i belive sab is the 1st commander of the RA and replace kuma no proof just a preiction also the move he used dragon claw part of the RArmys signature martial art style or a move sabo made him self let me know what you think.

also sorry about the writing and punctuality of the review i did this on my phone