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this arc has been amazing so far we have learnt about doflamingo a new admiral has been introduced some nice fights here and there oh and....... YONKO we have two yonko crews and a rather well respected ally all on the same island, my point, well in the first half of the series the yonko where a huge thing just hearing the name of one mentioned was huge but those days are gone the new world is the sea ruled by these ego maniacs so we are probably gona see a member or ally of these guys in every arc from now on whether it be a minor role or a major role what im saying is having members of one of the crews turn up on an island will become a regular thing and because the islands they rule will no doubt be challenged by luffy and co they will appear more and more till BAM!! yonko fight. so i believe that at least 80% of the antagonists from this point out will be yonko crew or allies 

what do you think