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Kaido Saga: Chapter 1 Part 2 (XDY)

Chapter 1: part 2

On an island called Niji in the new world castor 3rd commander of the tyrant pirates is waiting at the edge of a large forest in front of a large castle surrounded by large walls

Infobox: Shinai “the swordsmen of the forest”

Shinai: master they have refused our offer for a peaceful surrender

Castor: (sighs) then unneeded blood will be shed those fools

Shinai: on your command we strike

Castor grips his sword tightly

Castor: get into position

Castor holds his sword in front of him

Castor: Taoreta kami (as costor unsheathes his sword a bright light bursts out from the sheath)

A large red slash of energy strikes the humongous wall of the castle

Castor: (putting his sword back in its sheath) ……. Fall

The wall explodes in a red light sending bricks and debris flying into the forest

Castor: (sitting down on a rock) NOW!!!

20 pirates charge the hole in the wall

Niji King: shit, fire kill them all

Hundreds of riflemen line up at the castle gate

Head riflemen: FIRE!!!!

All of the men take aim and fire

All 20 swordsmen unsheathe their swords

All 20 begin cutting the bullets one by one

Head Riflemen: not a single one, WE DIDN’T HIT A SINGLE ONE

Castor: hmmm it takes more than that to kill 20 master swordsmen from wano country

All 20 men make it to the castle gate

10 unsheathe their swords

Ramu: kill all of them

All 10 men strike simultaneously kill every one of the riflemen

Shinai: next division move    

 5 men jump over the other 10 unsheathe their swords slicing the gate one by one

Niji king: (panicking) shit shit shit, someone kill these barsteds

Shinai: next division go

The next 5 quickly dispatch of the soldiers waiting behind the gate

all 20 line up 10 on each side as castor walks down the middle of them

Niji king: please we surrender the island is yours just spear my life

Castor: you denied our peaceful offer there for you asked for war…… and there’s no mercy in war.

Niji king: please don’t do this im begging you as a man

Castor: men don’t beg ( unsheathing his sword) I will spear the towns of this island but all who inhabit this castle showed defiance and must pay with there life’s

Niji king: no ple….

Castor cuts off the kings head

Castor: find and kill all remaining in the castle then we pay a visit to the town and let them know they are under the protection of master kaido from this day forward

Shinai and Ramu: as you command

All 20 spread out in different directions and begin slaughtering the inhabitants of the castle

Castor: brother I hope your alright….. don’t do anything reckless pollux

That’s it for part 2 of chapter 1 sorry its not very long I’ve being meaning to work on the duration of my predictions

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